•  2013

* CRSA holds its first Annual Convention in    conjunction with the Southwest Nephrology Conference.

* CRSA's Path to Wellness Project holds its first 2 community-based screenings in Phoenix, Arizona, and co-sponsors (with partner Twin Epidemic) the first CardioRenal Health Camp in the Himalayas. 

* Journal of Cardiorenal Medicine invites CRSA to join their Editorial Board.

  • 2015

* CRSA holds its third Annual Convention at
the WeKoPa Conference Center in Scottsdale, Arizona focusing on Primary Care.

2nd Scientific Session - Advances in Cardio-Renal Syndrome.

* Grand Rounds Education Series Begins - Novel Biomarkers in Cardiorenal Syndrome, sponsored by Astute Medical

* 1st Publication - Cardiorenal Syndromes: Advances in Dertermining Diagnosis, Prognosis, and Therapy

* 4th Annual Convention held at WeKoPa Conference Center, Scottsdale, AZ, dedicated to Collaborative Care in Chronic Disease.

  • 2016

* 4th Annual Convention, March 11-12, 2016 at WeKoPa Conference Center in Scottsdale, Arizona focusing on Collaborative Care in Chronic Disease

  • 2012

CRSA is founded as a supporting organization of the National Kidney Foundation of Arizona.

recent programs

CRSA recently held its eighth Path to Wellness community-based screening event in Tennessee.  Our next screening be in Dallas, TX on December 3rd.


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mission & vision

We are a nonprofit global organization, whose purpose is to help prevent and manage heart and kidney disease by fostering education, research and collaborative care in the personalization of population health. 
With support from the leadership of the National Kidney Foundation of Arizona, CRSA was conceived by a small group of concerned, visionary doctors after the following inspirational statement made by a consulting nephrologist: “By the time someone has chronic kidney disease or end-stage renal failure, I’m treating the heart, not the kidneys.”  Together, the co-existence of both heart and kidney disease contribute to worsening quality of life, lower survival rates, and skyrocketing healthcare costs. Today, kidney disease is now considered one of the three top health issues in what is now known as the “Triple Threat”: kidney disease, heart failure and diabetes.

Chronic kidney disease, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes are major contributors of chronic health disparities. Increased prevalence of the triple threat is of particular concern in ethnic minority populations, both in terms of higher incidence and the prevalence of the advanced stages of these chronic conditions.  The co-existence of both heart and kidney disease contribute to worsening quality of life, lower survival rates, and skyrocketing healthcare costs.  The overlapping nature of these co-morbid conditions necessitates a collaborative framework and team-based strategies to both prevent and treat conditions at any point in this continuum.  Until now, there has been no organization in existence dedicated to establishing such a collaborative effort.  The Cardio Renal Society of America is in a unique position to address these challenges by providing informed, integrated, health education curricula and clinical guidelines.

The founding members of CRSA are convinced that a collaborative, interdisciplinary organization is the best approach to waging an effective battle against these lethal diseases.  CRSA has the potential to lead us in providing a novel approach to this issue by providing a platform for education and advocacy, tailored outreach programming, and applied research.  Our long-term goals include the development of centers of excellence for patients with cardiorenal disease, as well as providing professional development tools for emerging experts in the field with the aim of developing a recognized field of expertise in cardionephrology.

​CRSA is a supporting organization of the National Kidney Foundation of Arizona, the major volunteer health agency in Arizona seeking solutions for kidney and urinary tract diseases through education, prevention and treatment. Committed to improve the quality of life for Arizonans with kidney failure, the Foundation’s many programs bring help and hope to thousands of dialysis patients and transplant recipients. NKF AZ kidney health initiatives provide community education about kidney health and the prevention of chronic kidney disease, and advocates for organ donation.  

Our History

  • 2011

Local area doctors meet to discuss the formation of a nonprofit community healthcare organization focused on the connections between kidney disease, heart disease, and diabetes (the "triple threat").  

  • ​​2014

* CRSA holds its second Annual Convention in conjunction with the Southwest Nephrology Conference.

* 1st Scientific Session - Cardio-renal syndromes in the south asian population is held in San Francisco