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The Cardio Renal Society has cultivated a cross-disciplinary, international membership that generates revenue from professional education programs including an annual medical conference, a grand rounds series and tailored symposia.  Additional funding streams include public private partnerships and grants from private foundations, state, and federal sources. Your membership in the Cardio Renal Society of America will provide you with access to cutting edge research, continuing education from world-renowned experts and the ability to share the latest ideas in cardio-renal collaboration. Most importantly, your participation will help make a difference in our fight to prevent and manage heart and kidney disease through public and professional education and research.

Our Membership Network strengthens connections between patients, physicians, and their community allies, by uniting them in their work against the “triple threat.” This network serves both medical professionals and patients by providing a more comprehensive, standardized approach to patient education and engagement, and facilitates access to a cadre of specialists. 

Through CRSA, physicians are able to participate in a learning community and continuing education system that facilitates innovation and quality improvements to impact patient outcomes.  For patients and the lay community, our growing network provides a dependable and comprehensive outlet for patient services that complement patient care outside of the physician’s office. Members also have access to multiple professional development opportunities, an informational resource bank, FAQ sheets, and participation in our annual seminars.

​ Membership to Cardio Renal Society of America (CRSA) is complimentary and includes:
• Informational electronic newsletters
•  Access to community partner educational materials
•  Discounted pricing on registration to the Annual Convention of Cardio Renal Society of America and Southwest Nephrology Conference
•  Continuing education opportunities

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